"Kanan does not dote on the styles of Tristano and Monk, electing to go his own way, and properly so. Simple lines and melodic musings are the hallmark of this fine player. His original tunes are methodically beautiful. His interpretation of the compositions of others may linger momentarily in appreciation of their legacy, but he wisely follows his own dictates and methods. He is not a slavish victim of Tristano's clique, nor of Monk's quirkiness...The message is clear in this recording...'Swing For The People' and this is done with clarity and overall excellence."
Review of "The Gentleman Is A Dope" by John Gilbert, JazzReview.com

"Mr. Kanan is an articulate pianist, and his trio...adheres to a melodic and unhurried variety of post-bop."
Nate Chinen, NY Times

"...Sterling solo work from pianist Michael Kanan..."
Don Heckman, LA Times

"Pianist/arranger Michael Kanan seems to have a telepathic connection to [Jane] Monheit, unobtrusive while creating a perfect foundation that keeps pace wherever her vocal wanderings lead. His tinkling, lightly woven solo on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" was one of the instrumental highlights of the evening, while he played as a celestial partner in the
'Alfie' duet."
Andrea Canter, Minneapolis, MN, Contributing Editor, JazzPolice.com

"Michael Kanan is an interesting pianist. His often sparse, inventive improvisations were a delight; a refreshing change from crashing cascades that often fill every part of the keyboard."
Ferdinand Maylin, Nairn, Scotland, JazzNow.com